Integrated is a biennial international art & design conference that takes place in deSingel Antwerp

Integrated2011 –third edition already!– is more determined than ever to establish connections between graphic design and other artistic fields and disciplines. Integrated2011 is ambitious, inquisitive, eager to make use of a refreshing mix of images, ideas and words, with a view to uncovering the complexity of design and all processes of any kind which may occur in any creative discipline - such is the scope of Integrated.

Hermann Wolfgang Kloeckner - ART+COM (DE), Matthew Carter (UK), Petr & Erik van Blokland (NL),
Henning Wagenbreth (DE), Paul Sahre (US), Serge Verstockt & Champ d’Action (BE),
Richard van der Laken - Designpolitie (NL), Lernert & Sander (NL), Experimental Media Research Group (BE), Martin & Thomas Poschauko (DE), Julia Hasting (CH), Jacob van Rijs - MVDRV (NL), Manuela Dechamps Otamendi (BE), Geoffrey Brusatto (BE), Boy Vereecken (BE), TypeRadio (NL), Slanted Magazine (G), Pieterjan Grandry - Crap is Good (BE), Angelo Wellens & Karel Van de Peer (BE), Pazuzu (BE) & Laura Broux (BE).